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“I got loads out of my sessions with you, and I think mainly because you made me think loads about what was going on in my life in a different way to what anyone else ever has done! You are straight-talking, and I admit that sometimes I would come away thinking ‘what on earth were you talking about?’, but over the course of a few days I would gradually start to see things in a different way!

I think that the most important thing that I got from it was that I am a person with my own needs and rights and I can’t spend my life trying to please others and be at their beck and call. I have finally found the courage to say no when I am not comfortable or don’t want to do something, and learning that skill has made such a big change in my life!

No doubt you will see me again in the future, and I do give your name to people a lot! In fact gave it to a friend only yesterday!!!

Thanks Lars”

Claire Pitcher, 44

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