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Eating-mindfulness; informal mindfulness practice

Empty snail shell

Formal mindfulness meditation can be complemented with informal mindfulness practices, where you, even momentarily, disengage from the thinking activity, by drawing your awareness to your actual experience in the present moment. Eating-mindfulness is an interesting example of informal mindfulness practice, and is a useful tool in weight control and in the treatment of eating disorders.



Hypnotic spiral with a black ball on top

Hypnotherapy is a process where a hypnotist helps a client enter into an hypnotic trance, for therapeutic purposes. It is commonly used for overcoming sleep and relaxation problems, to dispel fears, anxieties and phobias, to increase concentration and motivation for achieving goals like giving up smoking and similar.



Young woman meditating on the beach

Breathing-mindfulness is the most fundamental of all mindfulness meditations. It can be practised at any time in any place – as long as you are still breathing. This article provides simple instructions for the practice.