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Creating relationship agreements with EASE

Silhouette of two swans, necks forming a heart shape

“Establishing Agreements that Satisfy Everyone” [EASE] is a process which embodies the core of the Fulfilling Relationship approach.

It is a process of constructive negotiation, which guarantees that any difficulties that may come up between you are resolved in such a way that you both end up being sufficiently satisfied.


Mindfulness-based therapy

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Research on mindfulness-based approaches is increasing rapidly, and is finding more and more evidence that mindfulness-based therapy can help alleviate a variety of mental health problems and improve psychological functioning.


Inspirational Perspectives

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A perspective is simply a viewpoint, an angle of approach. It is an abstraction, which has no reality in itself. Yet, by stepping into a suggested perspective, you may find that it offers you the inspiration and the awareness that you need, to continue onto the next step of your journey.


Gestalt Awareness and Dialogue

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Gestalt, or Gestalt therapy is a phenomenological-existential approach to counselling, psychotherapy, personal development and growth. Awareness and dialogue are the two primary components in the Gestalt approach.