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Mindfulness and Meditation

This is the April 2012 issue of the Integrating Awareness Newsletter. The theme for this issue is Mindfulness and Meditation.


Mindfulness practice can help you quit smoking – research report

Young, tired businessman in despair

Giving up smoking is a significant stress factor, which can cause irritability, disturbed sleep and other withdrawal symptoms that persist for a long time. Tobacco cravings have been identified as the main culprit in making people fail to quit smoking, and mindfulness practice has proven to be an effective strategy for decreasing such cravings.


How meditation can help your brain toward increased happiness

Female meditator sitting on the grass

Research has shown that “mind-wandering” decreases happiness, but also that the practice of meditation over time has the effect of reducing the mind’s wanderings, and furthermore that long-term meditators have more developed connections between brain regions involved in self-monitoring and cognitive control.