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“I’m a young and healthy professional who has been struggling with sleep patterns for several years now.  I tried various things on my own and spoke with various doctors all of which seemed to have answers targeted at mass audience.

Where Lars really made a difference was his personal approach and complete understanding of ‘my’ problem.  The first few times really came down to how he was able to breakdown my patterns in life and was then able to pin point specific things that could be the cause of my insomnia.  For the first time in my life I was able to be really open about my lack of sleep and the real life examples and experiences he shared with me simply put me at ease and made me confident that I could improve.

Through my own persistence and Lars’ ongoing support, I am now sleeping like a baby and can really enjoy life as I should.  I am happier, more productive and some would even say less ‘wired’. I have also picked up quality meditation skills which I believe will play an important part in the future of maintaining the right balance in the lives of busy professionals.  

Give the standard GP or psychologist a miss and speak with Lars.  You won’t regret it.”

Young Professional

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