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“My search for some life guidance came about when I found my days challenging and my energy levels were at a low point. I am married with two young children and after having our second child; I found the changes in my life more apparent.

I decided to seek some guidance, but did not wish to travel down the usual GP paths so I searched for a Gestalt Therapist and found Lars. My decision to use Gestalt Therapy was after speaking to people about it and realisng that it was a more natural method of therapy. I spoke to Lars over the phone and I felt a connection with him, so we made a time for us to meet.

Some issues we discussed, related to a serious accident I had in 1993. Lars helped me to look at my feelings and come to terms with how to work with them rather than hide or be confused. Being with someone that would keep me safe while I explored emotions and the memories was important, and I felt safe with Lars. He often just listened and would prompt me when I needed to explore deeper, but I knew that when I found it all too tough, he could guide me back. With trying to deal with life, family and work, my challenge was to stay afloat and to do this I needed to understand my strengths. Trying to meet all demands in life is hard, but Lars was able to help me prioritise each life skill and to make room for my well being. Learning to accept that I may feel sad some days and that it is ok to cry and then explore how I feel when I am sad. Just as it is important for me to explore how and why I feel great. Its like Yin and Yang, one can’t be without the other and you need both to understand each.

I feel my life is on a new path now, and I will always want to explore new paths in my own spiritual growth. I don’t feel I have been given a magic pill or spell that has changed my life. I am still the same person, I just feel that my thought patterns have been shifted and I now look at things holistically. One of Lars’s key points that has stayed with me is to always try to remain in the moment, feel what is going on for me now rather than what may happen in the future or what has happened in the past. By remaining in the here and now, I can continue to learn about how I feel about life and the feelings I have. I will always want to make a place in my life for Lars or someone that can be there as my guide.

For me, seeing Lars is like someone having a mentor in business or sport. Lars is a life coach to help anyone who is open to exploring who they are and wanting to make improvements in their lives. It is like panning for gold, you never know what you may find, but you will never find it if you never look.”

David Baccinelli, 45
Insurance Adviser

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