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“Before making the decision to see Lars, the relationship my partner and I held was not healthy or happy. We had extreme communication problems and there was an evident control over one of us in the relationship. Our issues weren’t there when our relationship first bloomed but did develop from many, many little events which were not okay with either of us but we both never brought it up. I personally had tried to overcome them by just letting it go and ignoring it… boy was that not the right thing to do! I also tried to communicate my issues with my partner but instead found my self yelling at him making no sense what so ever.

Working with Lars helped us to view or situation from a different perspective and to actually pinpoint the key issues that was causing our grief, mainly my grief. Lars has taught us not only about who we are but that no matter how we go about things in life we both need to respect what is not okay with the other and to come to an agreement, a ‘happy medium’ some would call it, even if it is just choosing bedding! I no longer have thoughts of hate or dread toward my partner and am proud more than ever of our relationship.

I would recommended Lars’ services 1000 times over. My word of advice is go even when you start having those thoughts saying you don’t need to go, and to never feel embarrassed or feel that your emotions are stupid, they mean something and Lars will help you work through it, either as a person, a couple or both.”

Chloe Baird, 22
Team Admin

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