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“For me the hypnosis was what I sought, as I found it really worked with the habit… and I do also have memories of some of the places it took me and the strong emotions it evoked. I think that was very helpful in perhaps also dealing with some grief and guilt.

I am aware as a human services worker that the relationship accounts for a big proportion of the ‘success’… With you I felt totally safe, and that you cared. I really appreciated your genuine desire to help me find/deal with why the habit was occurring. If I lived closer, and had health insurance, I would have loved to do a lot more work with you and continue to explore where it was all coming from, such was the confidence I had in talking with you.

I also took away a clear understanding of how daily meditation in my life could help me. I did well for a few months after last visit, but it dropped off. But I do know, from my time with you, the value of incorporating this into my life and perhaps I will one day develop the discipline to do so.”

Michelle D
Human Services

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