And the winner is…

And the winner is… Sydney!

No, seriously, the winner is STUART WEBSTER from The Gap in Brisbane.

Let me share the note that Stuart sent me in response to having been drawn as the winner:

Hi Lars,

I would like to thank you for the informative material that you have been supplying through your regular emails. I hope you will continue to provide these emails which help within my daily practice. It has been nice to hear that I have won the Gold Class movie tickets as I do not win very much, so it was quite a shock. I would like to thank you for both the tickets and the material you supply.

Stuart Webster
Mental Health Nurse

So, unless you are Stuart, it seems you missed out on winning the prize this time around. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t win a prize some other time. Or that you have to miss out on discounts on upcoming workshops etc. There is still time (a couple of days or so) to get on the new mailing list for the Integrating Awareness Newsletter, before I change over to the new mailing list handler.

But of course, if you have already re-subscribed to the new mailing list, you do not need to do it once again. What follows below is for those who did not yet get around to it.

All that is needed is that you re-subscribe to the newsletter on the new list. Of course, I recognise that this is a bit of a hassle for you, and that you may not get around to it right away. Unless you have a good reason to do so…

So, here is a list of good reasons to subscribe to the Integrating Awareness Newsletter:

  • The newsletter offers interesting and sometimes intriguing stories on subjects to do with Personal Development, Relationships, Mindfulness & Meditation, Living your Truth etc.;
  • It is only sent out sporadically (about once a month recently), so it will not clog up your Inbox, and if you really don’t like it you can easily unsubscribe yourself by means of a couple of clicks;
  • The newsletter is my main means of keeping in touch with previous clients and others who may have an interest in what I have to offer;
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Until next time,
Be well and enjoy Being!