Attract Your Perfect Partner

Sorry, there are currently no public “Attract Your Perfect Partner” workshops scheduled.
The workshop is, however, run on demand for closed groups who wish to do the workshop.
If you would like to organise a workshop for your group, please, contact me for details.

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Starting afresh as a mature single person can be daunting, when seeking to attract the perfect partner into your life. What do you say or do, after you greet your online date for the first time in person? Attract Your Perfect Partner has all the answers!

Join other like-minded, mature (35+) Singles, in a safe, considerate and fun environment. Explore the A-P-P™ principles, presented by Lars Andersson, a Psychotherapist, Relationship Counsellor, Meaningful Life Coach and Educator, who is passionate about enhancing the quality of social contacts toward more authentic, intimate and attentive connections.

Attract Your Perfect Partner

In this workshop you will learn and explore strategies for personal fulfilment and authentic expression, when meeting new people and when Dating. Learn how to establish the foundation to attract your perfect partner. The workshop outcome is that it positions you to attract your perfect partner by addressing all the steps along the way from first contact, to meeting in person for the first date, to deepening the contact in further interactions. What you learn in the workshop also enhances your ability to genuinely connect with people, even strangers, in your everyday life – who, after all, may very well turn out to be the perfect partner for you…

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