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Lose weight naturally

Newsletter issue, January 2014 (updated April 2017); Lose weight naturally, with Eating-mindfulness and Intermittent Fasting.


Meditation for Depression and Anxiety instead of Medication

Young woman meditating on the beach

A large research project at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, which analysed 47 randomized controlled trials with a total of more than 3,500 participants, found that practising mindfulness meditation for half an hour a day can improve depression with 10-20%, and anxiety with 5-10%. This is similar to what previous studies have found to be the effect of anti-depressant medications.


Depression and Heart Failure

Research has established links between depression and heart failure; increased risk of ending up in the emergency room, of being hospitalised, and of dying. Anti-depressants may be doing more harm than good. Mindfulness meditation can be a safer, and equally effective, option.


Mid-life crisis, or opportunity, or both?

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When we stop dismissing the mid-life crisis as a joke, we may recognise it as something far more important and meaningful; an opportunity for growth and self-actualisation.


Passive abuse in your relationship?

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There are many forms of abuse that may occur in a relationship. Most abuse is recognised as “active abuse,” but there is another, less recognised form of abuse too; “passive abuse,” which can be equally destructive to relationship quality. The dynamics of passive abuse are related and similar to the dynamics of passive aggression.


Meeting pain with mindfulness

Beautiful mountain turquoise color lake, blue sky and snow peaks reflecting in the water. Untouched nature. Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand

The degree of suffering that pain causes is largely determined by how you relate to it. Through mindfulness practice you can learn to deconstruct pain into its primary constituents – sensations and energy – and transform the relationship with pain to one where pain, while still unpleasant, is no longer a problem; where pain no longer equals suffering.


Mindfulness and Chronic Pain; research findings

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Over the last thirty years the capacity of mindfulness practice to help manage chronic pain has become increasingly recognised. This article provides summaries of some of the related scientific research findings.



A man yawning. He is sitting on the edge of a bed.

The term “insomnia” doesn’t only refer to when people can’t sleep at all. It also refers to the common kind of sleep problem; struggles to fall asleep at night, or waking up in the middle of the night and struggling to get back to sleep. Or both. With the various effects that this may then have on your ability to function properly during the day.


Depression – a few thoughts

Newsletter issue, August 2012; The theme for this issue is Depression, with articles about causes, symptoms, treatments, and scientific research findings.