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Attract Your Perfect Partner

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Attract Your Perfect Partner is a full day experiential retreat for mature (35+) singles who wish to create a new quality relationship. You will learn and explore strategies for personal fulfilment and authentic expression, when meeting new people and when Dating.


Traditional Mindfulness Meditation Course – IAM Stage 1

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The Integrating Awareness Meditation (IAM) course is typically done in stages, so that you get to practise for a while and absorb what you have learned, before you go on to the next, deeper stage.
This page holds information about the next scheduled 4-hour Traditional Mindfulness Meditation course (IAM – Stage 1).


Special Early Bird Offer:
Three events combination package

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This is the Special Early Bird Offer: Attract Your Perfect Partner (full-day workshop); Life with a Purpose (full-day workshop) and Traditional Mindfulness Meditation (half-day course), all inclusive for $325, if you register for them as a “three events combination package”.