Personal Counselling
and Psychotherapy

I have provided personal counselling in Brisbane since 1992. You can confidently turn to me for help with addressing any personal issues, whether it be a matter to be addressed with counselling or with psychotherapy (read more about Personal Counsellling vs. Individual Psychotherapy below).

In a positive, caring and confidential therapeutic environment, 
with the aid of  effective, experiential and processes,
 I can help you find the means to…

• overcome your fears and frustrations • break dysfunctional life pattern
• heal from traumatic experiences • develop high self-esteem and confidence
• feel good about yourself  • and enjoy being alive!

We can meet for face-to-face Personal Counselling in Brisbane inner South-West, at my Sherwood clinic (map), or we can meet Online or over the Phone if your circumstances prevent you from coming to my clinic.

To arrange your first session of Personal Counselling, call me on (07) 3716 0600 today, or send me a message, using the email form on the Contact page!

Personal Counselling and Psychotherapy
can help with personal issues such as…

• Depression • Fears & Phobias • Low self-esteem
• Anxiety • Anger & Frustration • Alcohol or drug dependency
• Nervousness • Lacking confidence • Problems with memory & concentration
• Stress • Childhood abuse • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
• Eating disorders • Weight problems • Emotional wounds
• Sexual dysfunction • Midlife crisis • Bereavement & Grief
• Smoking  • Sleep problems
• Or any other personal problem

When your friends and family don’t have the knowledge or skills to help you…

When you have discovered that reading self-help books, listening to self-help tapes and CDs, and trying your best to follow all the well-meaning advice, hasn’t led to any lasting changes…

Then the personal guidance and support from someone with skill and expertise in the field of personal growth and development can make 
an enormous difference!

To arrange your first session of Personal Counselling, call me on (07) 3716 0600 today, or send me a message, using the email form on the Contact page!

Personal Counselling vs. Individual Psychotherapy

Personal Counselling is a process where you, as a client, have the opportunity to explore a particular problem, with the assistance of someone who is not involved in your personal life, and who is trained and experienced in listening and facilitating your own empowerment and ability to resolve your difficulties.

Individual Psychotherapy is a process which allows you to go into deeper explorations of your thoughts, feelings, behaviour and functioning, to increase your self-awareness and to resolve recurring problem patterns in your life.

However, rather than being two distinctly separate modalities, Counselling and Psychotherapy are in reality overlapping and often indistinguishable from one another, and counsellors and psychotherapists are commonly simply referred to as therapists.

Counselling and psychotherapy are both cooperative processes, based on a therapeutic relationship formed between therapist and client, where the therapist functions as a guide and facilitator for the client’s journey of self-exploration.

If you want to know more about my particular approach to personal counselling and psychotherapy, you may want to read this page: Counselling and Psychotherapy; integrated modalities.

For a successful outcome of Counselling and Psychotherapy, scientific research has shown that the quality of this therapeutic relationship is even more important than the therapeutic techniques and approaches that are employed. It is therefore essential, that you choose a therapist who is right for you – someone who is skilful and experienced, and with whom you feel understood, supported and cared for.

If, after browsing my web pages, you are still not sure whether I will be the right therapist for you, please, feel free to contact me and ask any questions that you need to ask before making your first appointment!

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