TELEHEALTH – Online Counselling and Phone Counselling

From when I first started working with clients as a counsellor/psychotherapist, several decades ago, I have always been aware of the difference it makes to be in the personal presence of my clients. The idea of TELEHEALTH, i.e. doing online counselling or phone counselling, never used to appeal to me much. There is something about how we connect with one another that, I believe, science has not yet been able to measure – but it is still there! And somehow that something seems to be more powerful when we are in the same room, face-to-face.

Nevertheless, as technology evolved and we got more used to meeting via electronic screens, my appreciation for the usefulness of TELEHEALTH has increased. Yes, it is still true that face-to-face meetings have many advantages when it comes to really “getting” where my clients are coming from and where they are at. But there is no denying that it is better to be able to meet for online counselling, than not being able to meet at all! And in some circumstances online counselling, or counselling over the phone, can actually be the preferred option.

As we no longer live in the kind of society where we have to seek services in the immediate local area, it is nowadays quite common that people seek me out from afar. For various reasons.

You may consider TELEHEALTH counselling…

  • if you have health concerns e.g. relating to infectious disease;
  • or if you live in a remote area, or live too far from my clinic to be able to come in person;
  • or if you live in a small community, and prefer the confidentiality of seeing someone at a distance;
  • or if your circumstances make seeing me in person impractical;
  • or if you simply don’t feel quite ready yet to have face-to-face counselling;
  • or for other reasons of your own that you can explain to me when we talk.

Important notice:
If you are suffering from serious mental health problems, I definitely don’t recommend that you seek to address those with online counselling, or telephone counselling. In that instance, you really need to try to see me in person, at least to begin with. If you are not sure whether this applies to you in your situation, do get in touch for a chat, so we can try to work out what will suit you best.

My approach to TELEHEALTH, Online Counselling and Phone Counselling

The fundamental principles of my counselling approach are still the same, whether we meet face-to-face in personal meetings, or in Online Counselling or Phone Counselling.

If you are seeking to address issues of a personal nature, as an individual, I would therefore recommend that you start with reading my page on Personal Counselling, and also the page that describes more details about the Counselling and Psychotherapy modalities that I integrate into my client work.

Likewise, if you are a couple who want to address challenges in your relationship, I recommend that you first my Marriage Counselling and Relationship Counselling page, and the corresponding page which describes my style of couple work; The Fulfilling Relationship.

Once you have acquainted yourself with those pages, you can find the more practical details about online counselling and phone counselling on the TELEHEALTH page.