Clinical Supervision for counsellors and psychotherapists (PACFA accredited)

Clinical supervision is an interpersonal process for developing treatment skills and professional competency, and is essential for successful functioning as a counsellor/psychotherapist (i.e. ‘therapist’). Clinical supervision is one of the most important processes for development of professional competence in therapists, and for enhancing the value of the therapeutic process for the client.

Seeking clinical supervision is not an indication that you are a failure as a therapist, but rather an indication that you are aware of the value of continual professional skills development, and that you are striving toward excellence in your chosen field of work. Ongoing clinical supervision is furthermore a requirement for clinical membership in professional associations for counsellors and psychotherapists.

Modern day clinical supervision for counsellors and psychotherapists can be considered as a collaborative endeavour where supervisor and supervisee together are learning about the client, about therapy, and about themselves. The supervisor-supervisee relationship is recognised as being as crucial to the process of supervision as the therapist-client relationship is to the process and outcome of psychotherapy. It is therefore essential that the clinical supervisor you choose is someone who is not only qualified and experienced, but who is right for you – someone who works with a supervision approach that is non-judgemental, relaxed and supportive.

Experienced Clinical Supervisor accredited by PACFA

Whether you are in private practice or you are employed by a counselling organisation, you can expect to benefit greatly from being supervised by an independent clinical supervisor who has extensive experience, both as a therapist and as a clinical supervisor, and who may be able to help you discover your “blind spots” as a therapist and improve the quality of your work.

I have been in private practice as a therapist for over 25 years, and have been a clinical supervisor in Brisbane for other therapists for the last decade or more. My approach to clinical supervision is based on an humanistic-existential model, which draws on the holistic principles of Gestalt, but which is equally applicable to all therapy modalities. I am accredited by PACFA as a Clinical Supervisor for counsellors and psychotherapists.

Mindfulness-based and Psychodynamic clinical supervision

Clinical supervision in Brisbane or On-line

To make an arrangement for clinical supervision in Brisbane, either for yourself individually or for your work group, please, contact me today to discuss how your requirements can best be met.

To find out more about group supervision in Brisbane, and/or to join a supervision group, go on to the page Clinical group supervision in Brisbane.

If you are not in Brisbane, clinical supervision can also be provided over the phone or online (via Skype).

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