Telephone & Online Supervision and Mentoring

Most of my Clinical Supervision and Mentoring sessions are done face-to-face in my Sherwood clinic (Brisbane Southside), either with one counsellor/psychotherapist individually or with a group of counsellors/psychotherapists. However, thanks to telephones and the internet, telephone & online supervision and mentoring is also available, for those who want/choose such options.

The fundamental principles of my approach to Clinical Supervision and Mentoring are the same, whether the sessions are done face-to-face in my clinic or from a distance as telephone & online supervision and mentoring. It is therefore recommended that you read those pages first, and then read the Telephone & Online consultations page.

You may consider telephone & online supervision and mentoring…

  • if you have health concerns e.g. relating to infectious disease;
  • or if you live in a remote area, or live too far from my clinic to be able to come in person;
  • or if your circumstances prevent you from seeing me in person;
  • or if you simply don’t feel a need for face-to-face supervision or mentoring;
  • or for other reasons of your own.

The telephone & online supervision and mentoring options are…

  • telephone supervision or mentoring
  • online supervision or mentoring, via Zoom (face-to-face, but through the internet)

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