Life Coaching

It is part of a normal life to face challenges, and it is part of a normal life to need help sometimes with tackling our challenges. Life Coaching tends to attract people who don’t identify as “having problems”, people whose lives are already reasonably satisfying, people who are already quite successful, yet would like to make their lives even more satisfying and meaningful, to enhance their sense of fulfilment, purpose and passion.

As a Life Coach I will help you clarify the goals that you want to achieve in different areas of life, I will help you identify which the steps are that can take you to those goals, and I will also help you recognise and overcome the psychological-mental-emotional obstacles that might hold you back.

To arrange your first session of Life Coaching, phone me today on (07) 3716 0600, or send me a message, using the email form on the Contact page.

You may also want to visit my Meaningful Life Coaching website, which is exclusively dedicated to this approach to life coaching, for individuals and for couples.

Personal Life Coaching & Relationship Coaching – in Brisbane (Sherwood) clinic, over the phone, or online

I have been in private practice as a life coach, providing personal life coaching and relationship coaching in Brisbane since 1992. The exact content of the coaching sessions is of course always determined by each individual client’s or couple’s wants and needs. Yet, there are recurring principles that influence my approach to coaching. You can read more about my approach, as seen through two different perspectives on these pages: Meaningful Life Coaching and  REAL Life Coaching.

Most of my Brisbane Life Coaching sessions are conducted at my Sherwood clinic (Brisbane inner West), face to face, either with one person or with a couple. If you live in a remote area or if there are other reasons that you are unable to attend sessions in person, I also provide the option of doing coaching online or phone.

Life Coaching or Counselling?

For challenges of a personal nature, whether for one individual or for a couple, help may be provided by a life coach or by a counsellor. Depending on the issue and where you are at in the process of dealing with this issue, you may need counselling more so than coaching, or vice versa.

Sometimes the process starts out as counselling, and evolves into coaching, as you become better equipped for dealing with your challenges, and begin to see them as exciting opportunities for personal growth and development.

You can read more about the differences and similarities between counselling and coaching in the article “Life Coaching and Counselling.”

If you are still unsure of which alternative is for you, counselling or coaching, that’s okay – we will usually be able to figure that out together at your first appointment!

To arrange your first session of Personal Life Coaching or Relationship Coaching, phone me today, on (07) 3716 0600, or send me message, using the email form on the Contact page.

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