Personal Life Coaching

Even when your life is already quite successful, and you are not held back by any serious “problems”, you may still have ambitions to reach further in certain areas of life. This is where Personal Life Coaching has a role to play!

  • You may want to improve your performance in your career, in your business, or in your sport.
  • You may want to grow and develop on a personal level, to become more confident, and to be more at ease in social situations.
  • You may even want to completely transform your life, to reach toward goals that you never before dared to dream of, personally, professionally, and spiritually.

With personal life coaching you can…

  • break dysfunctional life patterns that hold you back from living the life you desire
  • develop high self-esteem and confidence in all your endeavours
  • unlock your full potential to be all you can be
  • feel good about yourself and the life that you live
  • live a life with purpose and meaning, and enjoy being alive!

To arrange your first session of Personal Life Coaching phone me today, on (07) 3716 0600, or send me a message, using the email form on the Contact page.

Using the “Wheel of Life Satisfaction” in
Personal Life Coaching

Wheel of Life SatisfactionPersonal life coaching is a process which is designed to help you clarify your ambitions and formulate your goals – be they professional, social, behavioural, spiritual, or otherwise. To identify which aspects of your life you may want to enhance, you can use the Wheel of Life Satisfaction.

The wheel is a visual representation of the various components that life can be seen as consisting of. By rating your level of satisfaction for each component, you get a snapshot of which areas of your life need the most improvement.

You can find the Wheel of Life Satisfaction and also a Life Satisfaction Calculator on this page: Life Satisfaction Assessment.

Personal life coaching helps you identify what you need to do to reach maximum satisfaction in each aspect of life. It also helps you see what personal difficulties may have been blocking your efforts to achieve this level of satisfaction already. However, the real value of personal life coaching lies in its capacity to help you overcome your difficulties, so that you can be free to achieve what you want in life.

To arrange your first session of Personal Life Coaching phone me today, on (07) 3716 0600, or send me a message, using the email form on the Contact page.

My approach to personal life coaching

As in counselling and psychotherapy the working relationship between the client and the therapist/coach is the single most important factor impacting the outcome of therapy/coaching. Basically, you need to feel that I really “get you”, that I understand where you are at in life and where you would like to get to, for your personal coaching to be optimally useful. You can read more about the similarities and differences between life coaching and counselling in the article “Life Coaching and Counselling.”

Meaningful Life Coaching

I use the term Meaningful Life Coaching to indicate what my approach to personal life coaching is like. Meaningful Life Coaching recognises the importance of having a sense of meaning and purpose in your life. It keeps in clear perspective the “big questions” of life, the existential ground that forms the often overlooked backdrop to all that we fill our lives with. Only by taking an existential perspective on all your decisions, big and small, can you reach the happiness and joy that you truly wish for. Click this link: to read more about Meaningful Life Coaching.

You may also want to visit my Meaningful Life Coaching website, which is exclusively dedicated to this approach to life coaching, for individuals and for couples.

REAL Life Coaching

The exact process of your personal coaching sessions is of course based on who you are as a person, what your situation is like, and what you want to achieve. Your sessions will be tailored around you, to suit your particular situation the best. Nevertheless, there are a few recurring principles that tend to come into focus for most of my coaching clients. E.g. the four components of REAL Life Coaching – Responsibility, Empathy, Authenticity, and Limitlessness – which is a perspective to understand Meaningful Life Coaching from. Click this link: to read more about REAL Life Coaching.

Mindfulness-based Life Coaching

My approach to personal life coaching also incorporates mindfulness practice. With mindfulness-based life coaching you will enhance your awareness of all aspects of your lived experience, rather than through “second-hand”, intellectual speculation. This helps you increase your understanding of yourself, and helps you see how you can achieve what you want.

Most of my life coaching sessions are done at my clinic in Sherwood, Brisbane (inner South-West), face-to-face. If this is not suitable for your situation, there is another option; to do Life Coaching online or phone.

If you are not sure how my approach to personal life coaching would apply to your particular situation in life, or if you simply want to book in for an initial session – don’t delay, contact me today!

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