REAL Life Coaching

Life coaching is practised in as many styles as there are life coaches in the world – and that is quite a few by now. Each style of life coaching is different, at least to some degree. This page describes a style of life coaching called REAL Life Coaching.

Actually, rather than calling REAL Life Coaching a style, I prefer to call it a perspective on life coaching. A perspective that highlights principles which make life coaching truly fulfilling, not only in a material way but more wholistically. And this is what is reflected in how REAL Life Coaching understands the meaning of success.

REAL Life Coaching is grounded in the understanding that real success is measured by…

  • your ability to be present and aware in every experience that you encounter;
  • the degree of fulfilment you experience in your day-to-day existence;
  • your appreciation of the miracle and mystery that is called… your life!

Fundamentally, REAL Life Coaching is present oriented, phenomenological, and relational – including an emphasis on the relationship between the client and the therapist/coach – and it puts authenticity in focus.

REAL Life Coaching is about being real, being authentic, being true to yourself as you are, and discovering that this works very well when you use what you have/are to get to where you want to go. You can be you, with all your talents, skills and shortcomings, AND have real success in every area of your life!

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REAL Life Coaching components

REAL Life Coaching endeavours to make sure that all the REAL Life Coaching components are balanced in each area of your life, so that your life as a whole will be balanced, and you will be able to enjoy the fruits of all your efforts. It looks through the REAL lens upon any areas of your life where you would like to be more successful – career, relationship, health & wellbeing, personal growth & development, spirituality etc.

REAL Life Coaching components Venn diagram

The R component: Responsibility & Relaxed

R stands for Responsibility; having the ability to respond to every situation according to the needs of the situation as it is, in all its facets. This requires being in contact with yourself and your own needs, as well as being in contact with those around you and their needs. It also means that you are reliable, that you deliver on your word, that you honour agreements you have entered into with others.

R also stands for Relaxed; approaching life from a relaxed state of mind.

The E component: Emotions & Empathy

E stands for Emotions; that you are in contact with your own emotions, express them in constructive ways, and recognise them as an important part of your decision-making process in every area of life.

E also stands for Empathy; you are sensitive to other people’s emotions, and you support their needs in constructive ways.

The A component: Authenticity & Awareness

A stands for Authenticity; your choice to be open and honest about who you are, to let people see you in all your glory and all your misery, to be true to yourself, to contribute to the world with yourself as you are, to trust that you are meant to be just who you are and that the world would be incomplete without you [ Be yourself, everyone else is already taken – Oscar Wilde ].

A also stands for Awareness; being aware, awake, open and perceptive, which is crucial for personal development and growth, since awareness is ultimately central to all experiences.

The L component: Limited & Limitless

L stands for both Limited and Limitless; it is about being willing to acknowledge your limitations, yet be committed to work on overcoming them, and to forever reach toward the limitless.

L also signifies the paradox of at once being both limited and limitless; being caught in the limited experience of identification with the body-mind system of the personal self, while at the same time being the limitless expanse of consciousness, which in its pure essence is sometimes referred to as your higher Self.

To arrange your first session of Life Coaching phone me today, on (07) 3716 0600, or send me a message, using the email form on the Contact page.