Mindful Breathing Therapy

Mindful Breathing Therapy is a mindfulness-based, body-oriented technique at the leading edge of current wellbeing therapy and depth-psychotherapy. Through the method of Conscious Connected Breathing, it creates an increased energy flow throughout the body and with the support of mindfulness facilitates relaxation into detailed awareness of one’s inner experience.

Mindful Breathing Therapy is a gentle and safe method for healing the effects of traumatic experiences, and for overcoming anxiety, depression and similar mental health challenges. It allows you to access, release and integrate deeply buried memories, emotions and patterns, which may be hindering you from achieving your full potential – emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Also, since the breath is a bridge between the conscious and the unconscious, Mindful Breathing Therapy often leads to an expanded state of consciousness, where deep insights into esoteric reality spontaneously emerge into awareness.

After a session of Mindful Breathing Therapy you can generally expect to have an overall sense of wellbeing and wholeness, as well as a profound experience of feeling relaxed, connected and integrated within your own being. People who have had a series of Mindful Breathing Therapy sessions often report having experienced spontaneous insights and changed behaviours, as well as improvements in their relationships with people around them, and a sense of living more authentically, being true to themselves.

Mindful Breathing Therapy;
Session structure and facilitation

A Mindful Breathing Therapy session runs for two hours. In the first half hour we will discuss where you are at currently in your life, as well as follow up on what you have experienced since your last session if you have had one. Following that, you will do the actual “breathwork” session, as described below, and in the last half hour we will talk about what your breathwork session was like and anything that emerged in it.

The breathwork is done lying down, comfortably on a mattress, with a blanket to keep you warm if you wish. You will be guided through the practice of Conscious Connected Breathing, with instructions for how to maintain an attitude of mindful awareness of whatever emerges in your body, mind, and emotions. At times, depending on the breathing patterns that develop, you may be gently prompted to adjust your manner of breathing, to focus on the sensations that occur in your body, to let go into every out-breath, to relax tensions and so on.

While any one session of Mindful Breathing Therapy can be enormously beneficial on its own, the full potential of its benefits are usually achieved by doing a series of 5 to 10 sessions, typically spaced on a weekly or fortnightly schedule.

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