Integrating Awareness Meditation course

There are many practices referred to as meditation, and you need to be discerning in your choice of practice, to make sure that your spiritual journey leads in the direction that you feel is right for you. The inner exploration of spiritual awareness is increasingly subtle, and in the end only what you know from your own experience is of true value. As with baking, regardless of how fancy the recipe, the real proof is in the eating, i.e. the experience of the result of your efforts.

Sometimes guided inner journeys are referred to as “meditations”, but in the true sense of the word, meditation is not a journey anywhere. It is rather an experience of the stillness of non-

Equally, there are many teachers of meditation, and you also need to be discerning in your choice of teacher, to make sure that their guidance is reliable. As with any other journey, the guide who knows the territory from their own experience, will be more useful than the guide who only knows the territory via books they have read, or tales that they have heard from others.

Integrating Awareness Meditation

Even though in normal language we talk about “doing meditation”, meditation really is not an activity that you perform, but rather a state that you learn how to enter. Reading about a meditation technique, and then trying to “do” it, many people have found themselves trying and trying without much success. Yet, with clear instructions and guidance, anyone can learn to meditate. All you really need to learn, is how to create the inner conditions, which allow the state of meditation to naturally occur in you.

Regular practice of Integrating Awareness Meditation can help you…

• stay calm in times of stress • recharge your mental batteries
• improve your clarity of thought • increase your vitality and zest for life
• relax your mind for rest and sleep • find harmony and peace of mind

Notwithstanding the beneficial effects mentioned above, if you are interested in meditation as a spiritual practice, the deeper levels of Integrating Awareness Meditation practice also form a genuine path to Inner Peace and Self-Realization.

In Integrating Awareness Meditation you practise observing the activities of the mind without involvement, without judging what is observed as good or bad. You practise simply witnessing. The witnessing awareness is the door to the realm of Inner Truth. It is that which gives the light to consciousness itself. It is pure awareness. It is pure beingness.

When you rest in this witnessing awareness, and your involvement in the activities of the mind subsides, the mind becomes still, and you experience a deep sense of Joy, Fulfilment and Peace.

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The Integrating Awareness Meditation Course

The Integrating Awareness Meditation course has evolved out of many, many years of research, practice and teaching. It combines profound traditional mindfulness meditation techniques, originating primarily from the ancient practices of Zen, Vipassana, and Advaita (non-duality), into an easy-to-follow formula that anyone can learn and practise.

The Integrating Awareness Meditation course is suitable for everyone; whether you are a beginner, who simply want to discover the beneficial effects of mindfulness meditation, or an experienced meditator, who want to solidify your meditation practise and deepen your inner awareness.

The Integrating Awareness Meditation course is typically done in stages, so that you get to practise for a while and absorb what you have learned, before you go on to the next, deeper stage. How deep you choose to go with your meditation practice depends on your own interest and reason for wanting to learn meditation. It can be difficult to know beforehand, since the profound effects of the practice itself will also come into play along the way…

Nevertheless, there are basically three variations for how you can do the Integrating Awareness Meditation course;

  1. You can do it privately, on your own or with a friend/partner, as a series of sessions that you schedule in on times that suit you. The first session then goes for two hours, and subsequent sessions usually for one hour.
  2. You can start the course together with a group of others, in a one of my scheduled 4-hour IAM Stage 1 courses, and then continue with subsequent stages (by invitation only) when you feel that you are ready.
  3. Or you can arrange your own 4-hour IAM Stage 1 course for yourself and a group of friends, on a time and at a place that suits you (and me), and then arrange subsequent stages later on.

If you would like to do the Integrating Awareness Meditation course…

  • privately, simply contact me and schedule the first session for a time that suit you;
  • as a group event, check for the next scheduled course under “Events” in the right hand column of this page, or subscribe to my newsletter to keep updated on upcoming courses;
  • with a group of friends, as arranged by you, contact me to arrange a time and place for the 4-hour IAM Stage 1 course.

Regardless of your level of previous meditation experience,
the Integrating Awareness Meditation course
has something invaluable to offer you!