Telephone & Online guidance

Most of the time when I teach meditation or when I provide spiritual guidance generally, it is in a face-to-face meeting, in my Sherwood clinic (Brisbane inner South-West), either with one person at a time, or with a couple, or in a group. However, thanks to modern communication technology, Telephone and Online Guidance is also available, for those who want/choose such options.

Whether the guidance is done face-to-face or from a distance, as Telephone or Online Guidance, the fundamental principles of my approach to Mindfulness meditation and Spiritual practice guidance are the same. It is therefore recommended that you read those pages first, and then read the Telephone & Online Consultations page.

NB: If you are, or have been, suffering from serious mental health illness, Telephone and Online Guidance would most likely not be an appropriate option for you. In that case you are recommended to consider seeing me for a personal consultation as a first step.

You may consider Telephone and Online Guidance…

  • if you have health concerns e.g. relating to infectious disease;
  • or if you live in a remote area, or live too far from my office to be able to come in person;
  • or if your circumstances prevent you from seeing me in person;
  • or if you simply don’t feel the need for face-to-face guidance;
  • or for other reasons of your own.

The Telephone and Online Guidance options are…

  • telephone guidance
  • online guidance, via Zoom (face-to-face, but through the internet)

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