Relax-the-Mind Sleep Therapy

Yawning man with headphones on having breakfast in bed - he needs sleep therapyDo you…

  • suffer from insomnia or a similar sleeping problem that stops you from getting the sleep that you need?
  • struggle to fall asleep at night and/or struggle to go back to sleep after waking up in the middle of the night?
  • find that your mind is racing at a hundred miles an hour, when all you want is to go to sleep?
  • worry about getting enough sleep, and about the ill effects the lack of sleep may have on your health?
  • wish you could just get a good night’s sleep, without taking sleeping pills or drinking alcohol before going to bed?
  • feel uneasy about the possible side-effects that sleep medication may have on you?
  • wish there was a drug-free treatment, scientifically supported, and as effective as sleep medication?

Then you have come to the right place!

Relax-the-Mind Sleep Therapy is a drug-free treatment for insomnia and similar sleeping disorders, which is supported by scientific research and has proven to be at least as effective as sleeping pills.

With Relax-the-Mind Sleep Therapy you can within a few weeks overcome years of struggles, to get the good night’s sleep that you need.

Relax-the-Mind Sleep Therapy can help you put your mind to rest at night, so that you will wake up refreshed in the morning, just as nature intended.

6 reasons to choose Relax-the-Mind Sleep Therapy

  1. Relax-the-Mind Sleep Therapy is a drug-free treatment for sleep problems. It does NOT have any of the negative side effects that may come with sleeping tablets, such as e.g. daytime fatigue, cognitive impairments, impaired motor speed and coordination, and increased risk for motor vehicle and other accidents.
  2. Relax-the-Mind Sleep Therapy is based on elements which have been scientifically researched and proven effective for overcoming sleep problems. It integrates psychotherapy, sleep hygiene, stimulus control, behavioural interventions, cognitive therapy, physical and mental relaxation techniques, and non-trance elements from hypnotherapy.
  3. Physiologically sleep problems are to do with “hyperarousal” of the central nervous system, like in the fight-or-flight response, i.e. being on “high alert.” This kind of ‘high alert’ shows up both in the body and in the mind. One of the reasons for the effectiveness of Relax-the-Mind Sleep Therapy is that it addresses both body and mind.
  4. Relax-the-Mind Sleep Therapy is not limited to only addressing the sleep problem as such, which can often simply be a symptom of other, underlying, issues. It is also within the scope of the treatment to address other issues that may contribute to, or even be the cause of, your sleep problems; anxiety, depression, stress and personal problems of any other kind.
  5. It is a central aspect of Relax-the-Mind Sleep Therapy that it teaches the client a set of functional practical techniques, which are simple enough for anyone to use, and which the client forever retains as part of their personal resource pool. Importantly too, is that you learn these techniques by practice, so that you actually know exactly how to use them.
  6. Many of the practical techniques that you learn in Relax-the-Mind Sleep Therapy also have usefulness for other purposes than simply getting good sleep, e.g. like dealing with stress, and generally having a relaxed approach to life.

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Most Relax-the-Mind Sleep Therapy treatments take place at my clinic in Sherwood, Brisbane, face to face. If you do not live within easy reach of the Sherwood clinic, or if you for any other reason prefer not to come and have your sessions at the clinic, you may be interested in exploring the option of Online Treatment for Sleep Problems.

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