Online treatment for sleep problems

Exhausted young man - he may be happy to find that there exists an online treatment for sleep problems!Relax-the-Mind Sleep Therapy is the clinical program for overcoming insomnia and similar common sleep problems. For people who live far away from the clinic, or who for other reasons prefer not to have their sessions in the clinic, there is the option of using the recorded online treatment for sleep problems; the “Relax the Mind to Sleep” course.

One of the features of the clinical insomnia treatment is that we can also address personal challenges that may have contributed to the sleep problems. But as it turns out, in 90% of cases this will not be necessary. In other words, for 90% of people who struggle to have natural, normal, healthy sleep, the online insomnia treatment will be all they need in order to overcome their sleep problems.

Relax the Mind to Sleep – the
online treatment for sleep problems

The online treatment for insomnia and similar sleep problems consists of a set of recordings that you can listen to, for guidance through the Daytime and Bedtime practices that will bring your sleep back to how nature intended it to be.

The “Relax the Mind to Sleep” course introduces exactly the same four stages of sleep therapy as the clinical program. As in the clinical program, each stage is practised for about a week, before you move on to the next stage. This way you are sure to experientially learn each practice thoroughly, and avoid overloading yourself with information – which would add more stress, rather than remove stress and relax the mind.

As part of the course, there are also a number of facts lessons about sleep. These are simply added as information that you may find interesting, yet are not necessary for overcoming your sleep difficulties.

Try before you buy

Detailed information about the contents of the “Relax the Mind to Sleep” course, including the full course curriculum, is available to read on the course page.  To get a sense of what the course is like, you can also access a set of free trial lessons, before you buy the course.

If you ever struggle to sleep properly – not only if you regularly suffer from insomnia! – this course may turn out to be the best investment you ever made. A few dollars and a few minutes a day is all that it will take to return to natural, normal, healthy sleep!

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