Relax-the-Mind Sleep Therapy:
What it IS and IS NOT

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Below you can read a bit more about what Relax-the-Mind Sleep Therapy IS and what it IS NOT.

Relax-the-Mind Sleep Therapy IS NOT a “drug therapy”, based on sleep medication or other drugs. While GPs usually prescribe sleeping tablets, like benzodiazepines, many people prefer to avoid drug therapy for their sleep problems. And understandingly so, since benzodiazepines are known to have side effects such as daytime fatigue, cognitive impairments, impaired motor speed and coordination, and increased risk for motor vehicle accidents. They can furthermore cause physical dependence, manifesting as withdrawal symptoms (rebound insomnia) if the drug is not carefully tapered down. Furthermore, drug therapy can only be expected to have short-lived effects, whereas non-drug therapy has been proven to have sustained effects even in the longer term.

Relax-the-Mind Sleep Therapy IS NOT hypnotherapy, and does NOT require the client to go into an hypnotic trance. While Relax-the-Mind Sleep Therapy incorporates certain elements borrowed from hypnotherapy, they are actually elements that are equally effective in a normal non-trance state of consciousness.

Relax-the-Mind Sleep Therapy IS NOT a single-model method limited by the dictates of one set of techniques. Relax-the-Mind Sleep Therapy incorporates scientifically proven techniques from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness-based therapies, Gestalt therapy, and non-trance elements borrowed from hypnotherapy. By incorporating the most effective techniques from several well-researched therapy models, Relax-the-Mind Sleep Therapy becomes a highly effective strategy for tackling insomnia and similar sleep problems.

Relax-the-Mind Sleep Therapy IS NOT a cookie cutter approach or a one-size-fits-all program that assumes that every person who suffers from insomnia and/or other sleep problems is the same as everyone else. In Relax-the-Mind Sleep Therapy your individual psychological make-up is taken into account, and the treatment can be tailored around the nature of your problem as well as around who you are as a person. This way the benefits can be optimised to include improvements in other areas of your life as well as restoring normal, natural, healthy sleep.

Relax-the-Mind Sleep Therapy IS a drug-free, holistic approach that integrates psychological therapies, sleep hygiene, behavioural interventions and mental relaxation, and is recommended both as a first-line and long-term solution to insomnia and other similar sleep problems. Above and beyond targeting the acute sleep problem, Relax-the-Mind Sleep Therapy can also be extended to address personal problems and underlying factors that may have contributed to the development of the sleep problem, and that potentially could cause this problems to recur.

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