Options in Corona virus times

Meaningful Life Coaching, Counselling and Psychotherapy during the Corona virus pandemic

First of all; I hope you are well and have no symptoms of COVID-19. Or any other illness for that matter! However, even if you have been infected with the Corona virus, I can still provide the support that you need for your mental-emotional health – you can do your sessions with me with TELEHEALTH – read more about that further down.

Your mental health is important, and in times like these it may be more important than under normal circumstances that you look after yourself mentally/emotionally/psychologically, as well as physically. As things continue to develop, anxiety tends to set in or worsen, and depression get darker. The strain on relationships is also likely to increase, when we are more or less house bound and isolated from friends and extended family for a long period of time.

Health Minister Greg Hunt declared on 23 March that all allied health (includes counselling/psychotherapy) businesses nationally are encouraged to continue working. This advice may, of course, be amended as we continue into this crisis, but until such a time, there is really no reason why you need to refrain from having counselling/therapy with me IN PERSON. At least as long as you and I have no symptoms and have not been in contact with anyone who has symptoms, and as long as we take necessary precautions, i.e. practise recommended “social distancing” and other hygiene practices.

Nevertheless, if you believe that you may have been infected with Corona virus, or if you have been in contact with someone who is infected, or if you simply are self-isolating and can’t come in for an appointment in person, then you may want to consider the option of having TELEHEALTH sessions, either online, using Zoom (or Skype or Facetime or similar), or over the phone.

I have done online and telephone sessions for several years, with clients who live too far away to be able to come and see me in person (like the couple in England that I was counselling last year). It usually works quite well, just requires a bit of foresight in regards to setting up the meeting etc. It works best if you have a laptop or desktop or tablet, but even just a smartphone will do the job.

You can read more about TELEHEALTH here.

Or, to arrange an appointment right away – to see me in person or online – at a time that suits you, contact me now!

Stay healthy and be grateful for what you have and are!