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Living in the present

Hypnotic spiral with a black ball on top

From a physics/mathematics perspective the present moment has no duration. But if this was also our experience, then we would not be able to experience time passing. The experienced, “psychological” present moment lasts on average 2-3 seconds. Nevertheless, people who practice mindfulness meditation have a strong capacity for stretching their present moments, and therefore perceive time to pass more slowly.


Inspirational Perspectives

Stone arch with red stone at top in the morning on a beach

A perspective is simply a viewpoint, an angle of approach. It is an abstraction, which has no reality in itself. Yet, by stepping into a suggested perspective, you may find that it offers you the inspiration and the awareness that you need, to continue onto the next step of your journey.


Eating-mindfulness; informal mindfulness practice

Empty snail shell

Formal mindfulness meditation can be complemented with informal mindfulness practices, where you, even momentarily, disengage from the thinking activity, by drawing your awareness to your actual experience in the present moment. Eating-mindfulness is an interesting example of informal mindfulness practice, and is a useful tool in weight control and in the treatment of eating disorders.