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Upset feelings? Don’t put fuel on the fire!

Nautilus shell in the sea , at sunrise.

Heated arguments destroy relationships. When your feelings are upset, and you need to talk to your partner about what has happened between you, it is important to approach them in a non-blaming/non-attacking way that does not trigger defensiveness and counter-attack. A very useful strategy to follow is the Fact-Story-Feeling protocol.


Men and women (mis)communicating

Newsletter issue, September 2013; One of the recurring themes in couples counselling is the differences in communication styles that men and women have. There is an almost endless list of example of this, here is a funny joke illustrating it!


Loving Relationship Intimacy

Silhouette of two swans, necks forming a heart shape

Most couples find, after “the honeymoon period” is over, that they rarely have those long, beautiful moments of open, intimate sharing anymore. That the intimacy somehow goes missing in between working, hobbies and household chores. In order to know how to revive it, you need to understand the true meaning of intimacy.