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Do you need to be de-hypnotised?

Hypnotic spiral with a black ball on top

If you have not already invested a fair bit of energy into your personal growth and development – and more often than not, even if you have – you most likely need to be de-hypnotised. Early childhood experiences – and many later experiences in life – result in beliefs about yourself that “feel” true even though they are simply erroneous beliefs. Just like in a hypnotic state, what you experience “feels” real even though it is nothing more than a “dream”. When the hypnosis is broken, you are again free to be who you are, and to clearly see what is right for you in your life.


Life with a Purpose – workshop;
Know and Live your Life Purpose

An alignment of flat rocks in water

Life with a Purpose is an extraordinary, deep-reaching, full-day, experiential workshop where you are guided through a sequence of exercises and tasks that help you identify and put into words your Life Purpose. You start from who you have been in the past, and move toward who you will be in the future, when you live in alignment with your purpose.


Mid-life crisis or mid-life opportunity?

Newsletter issue, April 2013; Mid-life crisis, that’s what men go through in their forties, when they leave their wife and children to hook up with their blond, young bimbo of a secretary, and go cruising down the highway with her in the newly purchased red cabriolet, on the way to a saucy weekend in a seaside resort, isn’t it?


Mid-life crisis, or opportunity, or both?

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When we stop dismissing the mid-life crisis as a joke, we may recognise it as something far more important and meaningful; an opportunity for growth and self-actualisation.