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The Quest for Happiness

The dominant idea in our society, which may very well have been dominant for centuries, is that happiness comes when the circumstances are ‘right’. But unless you practise and get better at being happy in the present, in the circumstances as they are now, no matter what the circumstances will be like in the future, they will not make you happy. So, let’s take a look at how to get better at being happy.


Meditation for Depression and Anxiety instead of Medication

Young woman meditating on the beach

A large research project at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, which analysed 47 randomized controlled trials with a total of more than 3,500 participants, found that practising mindfulness meditation for half an hour a day can improve depression with 10-20%, and anxiety with 5-10%. This is similar to what previous studies have found to be the effect of anti-depressant medications.


Depression and Heart Failure

Research has established links between depression and heart failure; increased risk of ending up in the emergency room, of being hospitalised, and of dying. Anti-depressants may be doing more harm than good. Mindfulness meditation can be a safer, and equally effective, option.


Integrating Awareness on Facebook

Newsletter issue, July 2015; A collection of links to posts on the Facebook page for Integrating Awareness, sorted under categories, so you can find the ones that may interest you.


Mindfulness research findings

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Scientific mindfulness research findings show that mindfulness practice reduces the risk for heart attacks, increases working memory capacity and improves study results, and prevents relapses into drug & alcohol abuse better than standard 12-step programs.


Mindful Breathing Therapy; mindfulness-based, integrative breathwork

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Mindful Breathing Therapy is a mindfulness-based, body-oriented approach at the leading edge of modern psychotherapy that is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to cognitive and behavioural approaches in the treatment of e.g. anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorders.


Interesting benefits from mindfulness meditation

Newsletter issue, May 2013; The scientific community is increasingly becoming interested in the benefits from mindfulness meditation practice. Here are some some intriguing findings that may interest you.


Pain and mindfulness

Newsletter issue, February 2013; Explores chronic pain and mindfulness practice for managing chronic pain, with two new articles that you may want to read.