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Relationship Coaching and Counselling

Learn effective strategies for resolving relationship conflicts, rebuild trust and respect, and revive love and affection with relationship coaching and marriage counselling!

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Personal Life Coaching and Counselling

Live the life you truly long for – a life with meaning and purpose –
with meaningful-personal life coaching and personal counselling!

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Is there something wrong with you… or are you simply an introvert?

While people who are introverted may feel out of place in social situations dominated by extroverts, introverts have a lot to offer when it comes to forming a meaningful relationship.

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Passive abuse in your relationship?

There are many forms of abuse that may occur in a relationship. Most abuse is recognised as “active abuse,” but there is another, less recognised form of abuse too; “passive abuse,” which can be equally destructive to relationship quality. The dynamics of passive abuse are related and similar to the dynamics of passive aggression.

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Life Coaching and Counselling

In many respects Life Coaching and Counselling are similar; they are both aiming at making your life more rewarding and fulfilling. Often the two processes are overlapping and complementary to one another, but they tend to start from different positions.

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